What if you could approach your coaching role with CONFIDENCE?

Get ready to elevate your coaching with a STEP-BY-STEP Guide for SUCCESS

This course will be an absolute GAME-CHANGER if you answer YES to either of these questions:

  • Are you an instructional coach who transitioned from the role of a classroom teacher without formal training for the job?

  • Do you find yourself navigating the challenges of coaching with limited guidance and support?


Most instructional coaches face these exact struggles as they step into a new role without the necessary support, knowledge, and resources to excel.

It's frustrating to lack the training and resources needed to effectively support teachers, build relationships with administrators, and master the intricacies of coaching cycles. Without the right foundation, you may feel overwhelmed, unsure of your approach, and limited in your ability to make a significant impact on teacher development.

How much better would it be if ...

Everything you need for those first few YEARS of Instructional Coaching were available in a comprehensive training program designed specifically for newer instructional coaches like you? This course fills the gap in your professional development by providing the essential knowledge, strategies, and support you need to excel in your coaching role. Here's what is included:

  • DEFINING THE COACHING ROLE: Gain clarity and understanding around your instructional coaching role, its purpose, and responsibilities.

  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: Learn proven techniques for establishing strong connections with administrators and teachers to foster collaboration and support.

  • THE FIRST MONTH: Discover effective strategies for providing targeted support to teachers in their first month while also showcasing and marketing your coaching expertise.

  • COACHING LOGISTICS AND ORGANIZATION: Master the practical aspects of coaching, including time management, scheduling, and record-keeping, to ensure smooth operations.

  • BEST PRACTICES FOR TEACHER MEETINGS: Explore strategies for structuring impactful coaching meetings, setting clear expectations, and facilitating meaningful conversations that drive teacher growth.

  • DEEP DIVE INTO COACHING CYCLES: Explore the coaching cycle framework and dive deep into each stage, learning how to effectively plan, observe, provide feedback, and reflect to maximize teacher development.

The Instructional Coaching Strategies Toolkit for Success Course is your opportunity to receive the formal training and support you deserve as a new instructional coach.

With 7 hours of video content, interactive guided notes, and a flexible schedule, you can progress at your own pace while building a solid foundation in instructional coaching.


and you'll have INSTANT ACCESS to the course videos and handouts to get started right away. Gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to make a significant impact on teacher development and drive student success.

Course curriculum

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About this course

  • $95.00
  • 7 hours of video content
  • Interactive Guided Notes
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Meet Your Instructor

Alyson Dowda

Instructional Coach

Hi, educator friends! My name is Alyson Dowda and I've been an instructional coach at a high school since 2015. Before that, I taught elementary school for 11 years. I am genuinely passionate about using my experiences to improve teacher coaching and student learning!

I am a NERD for all things education-related and am always reading, learning, and implementing best practices for the classroom. Along the way, I've picked up some helpful nuggets for teachers, coaches, and administrators that I LOVE sharing!